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“Thank you so much for the workshop last month in Minneapolis. I have been doing professional portraits and weddings for over 4 years now, and kind of fell into a rut creatively. Your workshop really got me fired up and anxious to try the lighting techniques you showed us. I shot a wedding the weekend after the workshop, and wow, what a difference! I met with the bride and groom yesterday to show them their book. The bride was so happy with it she was in tears! I can’t tell you how that made me feel.  I owe you big time! Please email me if you do another workshop in the twin cities, I am there!

Andrew - Minnesota

“Great workshop man! I learned waaaaay more than I expected to when I signed up. But what I didn’t expect from an “educational” workshop was to be so entertained. I laughed my a** off! You are a great teacher, and an amazing photographer, so don’t take this the wrong way. But dude, you should seriously think about doing some stand up comedy!”

Chris - New Jersey

“I just wanted to say thank your for a wonderful portrait and lighting workshop. I have attended over a dozen workshops with others before, and I can tell you honestly that I learned more usable information from yours than all the others combined! You made it make sense to me! I hope you don’t mind, but I have attached a photo from my first shoot after attending your class. My first shoot with more than one flash.  I CANNOT BELIEVE I GOT THIS SHOT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Cynthia - Oklahoma

“I just wanted to say that was my first Photography seminar and won't be my last, as a amateur 

photographer the knowledge that I got from your seminar is priceless.”

Kurtis - Florida

“I just wanted to thank you for talking with my wife and I at the expo on Saturday in NYC.  We really enjoyed your presentation and talking with you afterwards.  It was nice to talk with an intelligent and friendly professional willing to help.”

Matt & Elisabeth - NYC New York

“In command of strong studio lighting skills. A crisp, uncomplicated style, and a strong visual sense of humor.”


Popular Photography Magazine

“David Guy Maynard's images weave a narrative with light and form. Every facet of his photos have a depth that conveys a sense of truth about the subject and presents a story you crave to be told.”

Stacie Errera


Tamron USA, Inc.

Photo of David courtesy of Sammi G

Magazines &  Publications
Davids work has been seen in:

Bucks Living 
Popular Photography
Digital Photo Pro
PDN Magazine
Outdoor Photographer
HD Digital Video Pro
Business Traveler
Layers Magazine
Photoshop User
Photo graphic
Studio & Location Lighting Secrets
Digital Photo  (Russia)
Foto-Graphia  (Italy)
Photo Digital  (Turkey)
Mediaboost (Finland)
Fototeknik  (Turkey)
Chess Magazine  (Russia)
SPE - Exposure
B&H (Catalogs & Web)
Calumet (Catalogs & Web)
Adorama (Catalogs & Web)
ProFoto Germany (Catalogs)
TAMRON (Catalog & Web)
and more...

David Guy Maynard is an award winning,  internationally published photographer producing work in Fashion, Glamour, Event, Fine Art,  Nature/Macro, Marine, Astrophotography, and General Commercial photography.

His work has been seen in numerous magazines and publications around the world, as well as being featured on respected web based business sites, in galleries, and exhibits.

David is also known to many in the industry for his former work as a  Photographer and Consultant for a well known photographic lighting manufacturer, and as an author of articles and videos on photographic technique.

David travels internationally delivering Seminars and Workshops on subjects ranging from Studio and Location Lighting, to Color Management and Workflow. These popular events have earned the reputation of being as entertaining as they are informative.